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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Signs Across America Do The Work?

A. No, Signs Across America is a management group that provides you with the expertise to hire the right sign company for your project. The actual project is performed by experienced, qualified, insured sign companies that bid for your project.  BACK TO TOP

Q. Does Signs Across America Warrantee The Work?
A. No, Signs Across America does manage your warranty work provided by the bidding sign company. In order to remain on the bid list, they must honor the agreed warranty terms that were described in the original bid.  BACK TO TOP

Q. What does Signs Across America guarantee?
A. Signs Across America guarantees that the bidding sign companies will be current in their liability and workman’s compensation insurance at the time of bidding. If there is any change in coverage Signs Across America and your company will be notified by the insurance company immediately. It is also agreed that the bidding sign company will have completed all previously bid jobs professionally and to the best of their ability without unresolved issues or complaints. It is also agreed that all current licenses and legal requirements are met and maintained. It is agreed that the details, scheduling and oversight of the job will be performed by Signs Across America in conjunction with the sign consumer and the sign contractor.  BACK TO TOP

Q. Do you offer this service every where in the US?
A. Yes, Signs Across America offers this service anywhere in the United States. It currently does not offer services outside the United States. In some remote locations, services may require the services of sign bidders that are not local and charge mileage and travel fees.  BACK TO TOP

Q. Am I obligated to use the service after receiving a quote?
A. No. Even though the bidding process is labor intensive and requires the time of many people, you are not obligated to accept any bid.  BACK TO TOP

Q. Can I use the service for just a survey or permits?

Q. Who will be my contact for the project?
A. Signs Across America will assign a customer service representative to you and your project. This representative and/or an assistant representative will be available to you 8:30AM - 5PM EST Monday - Friday for any questions, concerns or project business. An emergency contact number will also be issues in the case of a needed emergency issue.   BACK TO TOP

Q. What are all the services you provide?
A. Signs Across America provides the following services:
• All sign products • All sign parts for repairs and sign service • Sign Manufacturing • Neon Sign Manufacturing • Channel Letter Manufacturing • LED Displays and Manufacturing • High Rise Signs • Billboards • Wall Signs • Pole Signs • Monument Signs • Tenant Panel Signs • Auger and Crane Rentals • Sign Service • Sign Maintenance • Sign Design • Sign Reconditioning • Site Surveys • Sign Consultations • Sign Permits • Sign Variance preparation and presentations.    BACK TO TOP

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. After a bid has been presented to you and you have chosen to move forward with the project, a contractual agreement will be presented for your review to outline all the conditions, expectations and details for the project.   BACK TO TOP

Q. Does Signs Across America offer financing?

Q. What if I have a problem with my installer?
A. Signs Across America will insure all issues are handled in a fair and professional manner.   BACK TO TOP

Q. Do you offer this service to other sign companies?

Q. What if my job is not completed on time?
A. Every agreement has a controlled deadline date agreement and a per day deadline fine amount. The deadline date is extended only for non-controllable issues presented by other contractors, weather, suppliers or other situations that are not in the installer's or manufacture's control.

Q. Does Signs Across America warrantee the products?
A. No, Signs Across America maintains all records and product warranty information for future service and maintenance issues. The actual products and service warrantees are covered by the installer and/or the product manufacture.  BACK TO TOP